Karen is Kevin's wife, and runs a tight household. She has an arty side.

She can be an officious bitch at times, so her man Kevin, who is an affable and easy going bloke often refers to her as "The f'n ball-breaker" to his mates, usually after being yelled at whilst heading out to the pub.

Karen loves Pinterest. A little too much. All day, and all night she can be heard muttering under her breath "Yeah. F'n pin that. Woah, yeah baby. Pin. Pin it proper. Pin it good. Gonna go viral it's.. pin, baby, yeah viral one day. Oooo... baby shitting... pin that. Ahhh... baked treats turned out a treat... f'n pin that, right there. Oh. My. F'n. G'd! Cats are going nuts over a hamster cookie! PIN IT!"

Kevin doesn't get it. I mean, he likes the cookies and all, but life's private defactation moments, even when you're a baby are sacred private time. After all, that shit's gonna come back and haunt you with your mates when you turn twenty-one. And crafts to him are a bit "why waste your time when you could be feeding me?"

When Karen's getting her Pinterest on, Kevin usually heads down the block to his dad Boris's home and watches the darts with him, consuming much lager.

As a young lass, Karen was a sweet cheerleader, and almost all of her younger photographs involve pom-poms and twirly sticks. Karen doesn't talk at all about what the young Karen got up to, preferring to keep up the "sweet" mystique. In reality, she got up to a lot of precocious experience with the local football team.

Meeting Kevin whilst still a cheerleader, she wasn't entirely sure whether he was the father of their twin children. Still, their daughter Geannie-Mae was a rather large baby at 12 lbs 3 oz, backed up an eye watering five minutes later by her twin brother Geoffrey, who did her no favours at all at 13 lbs. That her first two kids were so large almost certainly implies that Kevin was their father, though. They definitely got his dumpy frame. The birth probably explains a lot of Karen's oft resentment and officiousness towards Kevin, a life event that she reminds him of constantly at each and every one of the twins birthdays.